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LatLon Merged Monthly Mean dataset

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The LaLon Merged Monthly Mean dataset is created using measurements from limb sensors participating in Ozone_cci project.
First, the ozone profiles from individual instruments are averaged in 10° x 20° latitude-longitude zones over monthly time intervals, and then merged.
The merging is performed in the same way as for creating Merged Monthly Zonal Mean data, i.e., as weighted averaging of individual semi-monthly-mean ozone profiles with the weights inversely proportional to their total uncertainties.  The details of the data analysis can be found in the “Data description and user manual” below. The MMM netcdf files include also monthly mean datasets from individual instruments.
Ozone profiles are presented on Ozone_cci pressure grid in the range 250hPa – 1 hPa (~10-50 km).

DOWNLOAD the LatLon Merged Monthly Mean data sets

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